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my Noma Backup Power System 1800, which I purchased June 28 2008, stopped functioning properly and when I initially called too see what service was available and asked what the warranty period and was was told they would need a receipt before they could tell me anything.I tracked the receipt down and called back only to be told that it was past warranty and that there was no non warranty service available.

I found it to be ridiculous that they sell a $500 item under their store brand that they can not provide support for and made me track down a receipt before they could tell me the warranty period.

The only solution they had was to buy a new one or call the manufacturer.Based on this experience, I would not buy another Canadian Tire / Noma product again.


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For a 500$ item, it should last longer than the 4 or 5 times used in the year an a half i owned it before becoming an oversized paper weight.


Tell me, what products have a warranty that last forever? Most products have a one year warranty....if your product was past that period, why should they do anything for you? I understand it's an expensive item, but you have to understand that companies can't warranty an item forever, just because it wold benefit YOU.

Get a grip...

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