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Again......................... it was asked if they could tighten two screws on a Muffler Guard ? That's it. You do realize the noise the car makes when a pipe or Muffler or even a Cat Converter is broken or in need of repair ?

This car was only making a rattling noise as the Guard was bagging against the bottom of the car. It had two screws missing and l was unable to reach it.

My Daughter took the car to your shop and asked them to tighten the screws.

They told her they couldn`t tighten the screws she needed a Whole NEW Muffler system and it upset her.

Again, l asked then could they not tighten the screws ? The Service Adviser said no.

I said why ? I know that car doesn`t need a whole NEW muffler system . It only needs two screws. He stated do you want to speak with the Tech ? It can`t be done. I said yes. I went out in the shop and saw the Tech. I asked why can`t you just tighten the screws on the Guard that is what is causing the rattling noise ? I said can you just tighten the screws so the rattling noise stops. He said yes he could no problem ???????

Why did the Service Advisor state the Two screws couldn`t be tightened ?

Why did the Service Advisor stated my Daughter had to purchase a Whole NEW Muffler system ?

The pipes weren`t broken ? the Cat Converter was on broken ? The Muffler was not Damaged ? Why the WHOLE NEW system ?

Yet you are telling me everything is fine ? My Daughter was upset by these actions and you are stating this is Business as usual at Canadian Tire ? With Actions such as these considered normal how can you be considered CANADIAN Tire ????

A lot of People are going to hear about this.

The Customer asked for two screws to be tightened right ? Canadian Tire says NO to a young Girl , no you have to purchase a WHOLE NEW Muffler system, we can`t tighten the screws.

The Customer shows the Tech what he wanted tightened and Canadian Tire does it. The customer stopped a unwarranted repair.

The Customer takes this valid complaint to Canadian Tire and Canadian Tire says that is how we do Business correct ?

How many people have had this done to them ? How many other young people and other customers has this been done to ?

This is not right how can your Stores be called Canadian with practices such as this ?

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> Dear Mark Mitchell,


> Thank you for your further e-mails.


> Our office has responded to your concerns and explained the differences between a do-it-yourselfer repair and the repairs that are completed in a licensed repair facility. Should you continue to disagree, you are welcome to pursue the matter as you see fit.


> Also, we are sorry that you feel our response was not satisfactory. We would like to explain that all Canadian Tire Associate stores are privately owned and operated businesses. Each store has an owner which is referred to as an Associate Dealer. Each Associate Dealer is responsible for hiring his/her management, his/her employees and for the day to day operation of his/her business.


> When a customer has a concern in regards to their experience at the store, we (the Canadian Tire Corporation) take the time to notify the associate dealer of what took place at their establishment.


> Your e-mail tends to indicate that your concerns are not being heard. However, we have notified the one person that is empowered to address customer concerns against his/her management, staff, and store operations.


> We again thank you for providing us with the final opportunity to respond.


> Regards,


> Guy Samson

> Corporate Customer Relations

> Canadian Tire Corporation Limited


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> confidential information intended only for the person(s) named above. If

> you are not the intended recipient or have received this message in error,

> please notify the sender immediately by reply email and permanently delete

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> without making a copy. Thank you.


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Hey Mark, It's a recommendation, nothing more, nothing less.You don't have to accept it.

If you go to your doctor and he says you need your lungs taken out, are you going to just let him do it? I don't think so. You're going to get a second opinion. You don't have to accept the recommendations given to you or to anyone.

I'm sorry but you're going to have to give some better thought on this one. Everyone has a choice and you can accept or refuse.

Your choice, your daughter's choice, the people's choice.Hate to say it but I have to agree with their statement here.

to Anonymous Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada #856456 is how it is presented.

They tell you need the repairs. When they are caught that the car doesn`t need those repairs it is then oh we only recommended those repairs.

Grow a pair of Balls, you most likely work for Canadian Tire.Shame

Windsor, Ontario, Canada #786915

A lot of people/customers have complaints about Canadian Tire Auto Centers.

They must pay people to say they love crappy fire on their Facebook.

The old need vs recommend once they get caught.Then they tell to call Customer service and they back the store.What a joke.

I will tell the stories of how they tried to steal from my Daughter, my parents and myself over and over again

One time several years ago a Canadian Tire in St.Catharines told me l needed $2,300 in work for brakes, rotors, callipers, Air Conditioning etc etc.

I Had brought the in as there was a grinding noise on the drivers side. I said don`t touch my car what do l owe you ? They charged $65 for looking at the car.

I brought to Caston`s Auto and Danny told me a Calliper was sticking and he suggested new brake pads but everything else was fine ? After he fixed the car the bill was $300.00 ?

What the heck is that ?

This stuff is defended by Customer Services as communication problem need vs recommended ?The store don`t say recommend to trusting customers they say NEED.

to Anonymous Saint Catharines, Ontario, Canada #856457

Yep the stores are fine but the Auto Centers are set up badly for customers. I guess if you run the store it is good for you to steal from people.

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada #779539

With practices such as these how can these stores call themselves Canadian Tire ?

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